Miyabi Takes On The City of Light: Paris Fashion Week

Nao Saito modeling Miyabi’s striking design in front of the Eiffel Tower ahead of Paris Fashion Week! Watch the video and read the article [here].

Since her awe inspiring showcase at New York Fashion Week, Miyabi’s creations have been steadily gaining traction and capturing hearts worldwide. Most recently, her exquisite gown took center stage at Paris Fashion Week, elegantly modeled by Nao Saito as a part of designer Samina Mughal’s show. Moved by Nao’s life and story, Makoto Okubo – who leads a group that promotes UN sustainable development goals through music – extended an invitation to Nao, hoping to demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of individuals with disabilities on the global fashion platform (The Japan Times).

Miyabi designed this garment with Nao in mind, pulling inspiration from both French and Japanese hinamatsuri dolls. Watching the videos below, it is easy to get swept up in emotion and awe. I feel confident saying that we will continue to see more of Miyabi and Nao as they continue capturing hearts all around the world.


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